// Ephemeral Beauty: Come and Gone//

i had always thought that the phrase “love at first sight” was an overstatement, and it is; however, I came across something similar to that today.

On November 30, 2011 at around 1:05pm, I saw an angel.
Well, maybe not, but holy crap was she pretty…

Funny thing is that i don’t know her name, personality, mannerisms, etc, but even still, i found myself incredibly attracted to her. It took a while to stop obsessing over how pretty she was, even in a short glance - truthfully, more than a couple.

You have to understand though, at Babson, you don’t see many pretty girls. One might occasionally pass by, but most of the time it would be the same pool of people. I have never seen this girl before, and i am determined to find out who she is. Although i know she is an upperclassman (just by looking) I’m gonna try and see what happens cause.. you know, whatever happens happens and if it goes well, then fuck yeah lol.

It’s really strange how people first “like” someone. Everyone says personality > beauty, but i find it to be the exact opposite - at first anyway. Too bad she got away without me getting a chance to talk to her. I had bed hair and was wearing sweats so there was no chance then…

Not to be a stalker, i think i might actually go to the same dining hall at the same time next week to try my luck. Sounds kind of funny, especially since i’ve been telling my friends how useless relationships are atm. oh well.

So yeah.. Interesting day (:


Erin Comstock riding in Mammoth


Erin Comstock riding in Mammoth

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Mark Charmin Lee

enjoy! :)